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Soccer Star


Play Game Online Soccer Star

Soccer Star

Try to get the soccer ball into the goal of the opponent. You play against players from around the world and substitute in kicking. Try to find direction and shoot. The ball may then roll to the goal. Try to get as many points as possible and proceed levels higher and higher. We hope you can make it.

Use your cursor keys to move, Z to shoot and X to pass or tackle. Although the strange team names as North American Masters or Far East Warriors may seem odd, Soccer Stars is probably one of the best World Cup games.

Can you lead your team to fortune and glory?

Play Soccer Star online Now!

Soccer Stars is a brilliant way to hang your boots at the end of a long and hard day to allow your alter ego to do everything that’s not allowed on a real soccer field – from punching the defender to tripping the opposition goalie. The game begins with a twang that is a fitting sign of what the players can expect. You can either play with your friends or against a computer. This is a diametrically opposite version of soccer that’s envisioned in the rule books. You can push the strikers, hold the defenders from blocking your team’s free kicks and even run riot with the ball at your feet. You are free to do as you please to protect the interests of your team and your team mates. It’s all allowed and nobody is watching. Will you be able to rule this madness and help your team win? Do make allowance for a little scuffle at the end, though.




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