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Play Game Online Penalty


Penalty is the newest penalty taking free online game from FlashFooty, who we know from (amongst others) the smash hit Penalty. In this new penalty game, you start by picking your favorite team. Then you have to alternate between the role of striker (to take penalties) and goalkeeper (to stop penalties). If you like the game and have an Android device, check out the Penalty Shooters app!

The aim of the flash game online is to score more penalty shootouts than your opponent and pass to the next stage. While you are striker use the SPACE to set the direction, height and the power of your shoot. While you are the keeper for a short time you will see a white cross on your goal and that is the place of your opponent shot, but not the exact point. By moving the gloves to that point and clicking you can move your goalkeeper.

Play Penalty online Now!

Here's the candidate of world's best penalty kicking games with you. Choose your favourite team and assign your uniform. Create a friendly or tournament; however you want. You'll play as goalkeeper to defend your opponent's attacks and also as a footballer to shoot to make a score. Twoplayergames.org hopes you will have fun with this exciting penalty kicking game.

Experience the passion and excitement of the national tournament as you enter Penalty Shootout, in which your goal is to score as much as you can while trying to block the shots of your opponent. Before the game starts, you can click to select your favorite team. You and your opponent will then take turns to perform 5 penalty shots. When it is your turn to perform a shot, you can click a position on the goal, and the footballer will shoot the ball in the relevant direction. Since deviation may occur in the shots, you should avoid selecting extreme positions. When your opponent performs a shot, you need to click a position at which the goalkeeper dives or jumps. After both teams have performed 5 shots, the team which has scored the most goals will win. If it turns out to be a tie, both sides will perform another 5 shots until a team gets a higher number of goals. Do not shatter the dream of your team!




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