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Duck Tub Battle


Play Game Online Duck Tub Battle

Duck Tub Battle

Help the brave ducks to defeat the waves of arriving enemies and bosses. Collect upgrades and acquire new weapons. Can you defeat the boss at the end of the Duck Tub Battle?

Control a squad of rubber duckies and protect the high-seas of your bath tab in this Frantic Frigates inspired shooter.

The duck follows your cursor and shoots the closest targets first. Left click to stop time, right click to deploy bombs. Collect powerups such as shields, bombs, and eggs (which produces a little duck which will assist you in battle!). Spacebar to open the shop and buy upgrades

Play Duck Tub Battle online Now!

You are a cute duck in a tub. You thought that your life would be easy and fun, but you were wrong! You have many enemies and your days are always filled with battles. You have to be awake all the time in order to survive! Collect power ups to have more bombs and earn little ducklings to help you with the battle!

Did you think the tub is a nice quiet place? Well, think again! In that shooting game you have to fight the waves of enemies in your hot tub. Use your yellow ducky and buy a lot of upgrades in order to win that game. It seems that the bathroom will never looked the same after playing that cool game.

A duck tub face up the evil enemies. In Duck Tub Battle we play as a little ducky controlled with the "mouse". It follows the cursor and shoots the enemies automatically. Our goal in this game is to survive and collect coins for upgrades to beat the bosses in the end.




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