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Furious Space


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Furious Space

The Earth is under attack by aliens, so you better get ready for a very turbulent battle in space. Steer your ship at a furious rate through the outer space and defeat hordes of enemies and their bosses throughout the galaxy! Enjoy the sci-fi shooting game Furious Space!

Destroy enemies and upgrade your ship during this space battle. Three furious bosses are waiting to kick your ass!

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Blast through enemy ships and obstacles in this exciting and fun sci-fi game, Furious Space! Collect enough energy to upgrade your ship, or obtain a new one!

The battles for the galaxy have taken to the stars. The universe is on fire now with millions of planets picking sides in this huge intergalactic war of the worlds. You have to play your part too. Contribute to the fight by taking your ship into the battle and destroying your enemies! Upgrade your ship and face the three bosses who seek to destroy the universe.

Drive modified spaceships with guns and missiles with one purpose to eliminate the enemies and stop the invasion. Go on a furious space mission of survival! In this epic action game, you will encounter impossibly strong aliens. Upgrade your spacecraft with better weapons, and figure out how to conquer the biggest bosses. There are many different types of foes!

Furious Space is a multidirectional shoot 'em up. Upgrade your ship as you shoot your way through hordes of space baddies and take down furious bosses.




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