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Play Game Online Tetris


Tetris is one of the classic original computerized brain games. Rotate falling blocks to clear rows and complete levels.
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Tetris is a dynamic computer puzzle with pieces consisting of four adjacent squares. The pieces must be rotated and shifted as they fall so that they fill the width of the column without gaps. Rows that are completely filled up disappear, thus allowing for the game to continue. The game stops when the pieces are stacked all the way to the top of the column. The blocks can be rotated and moved to the right or to the left using the arrow keys on the keyboard.

Play Tetris online Now!

How about a reunion with the legendary game Tetris? You will remember how great the old games were once again with this game which you can play solo or with another friend. Enjoy playing "Multiplayer Tetris" on FreeGamesMoon.com

In the occasion that you fill all the row, that row will explode and you will get points. You will get more points when you blow more rows simultaneously. If you can't blow the blocks and reach the top you will lose. In that case click "REPLAY" button.

Don't forget to keep track of your points and the block that will come next. You can turn on/off the sound of the game by clicking the speaker icon on the bottom-right corner of the screen. You can pause the game by clicking "PAUSE" and return to the main menu by clicking "BACK TO MENU" button. Have a great time!

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