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Rollercoaster Creator 2


Play Game Online Rollercoaster Creator 2

Rollercoaster Creator 2

Rollercoaster Creator is an exciting online puzzle game in which you will play the role of a rollercoaster designer. You will have to bring small cars safely to their destination so as they have a thrilling ride. To do this, this free flash game offers sections with various functions so that you build the proper route.

Build rollercoaster tracks and set them live with the goal of collecting as many gems in each level as possible.
Select a drawing tool and create your own custom coaster! Get your riders to the finish line and collect as many gems as possible. Check out How to Play for construction tips.

Rollercoaster Creator 2 is an addictive construction game presented by FreeGamesMoon.com. Create your own roller coaster by drawing with your mouse and sent your customers flying down the tracks. Be creative! Controls: Mouse

Play Rollercoaster Creator 2 online Now!

Create the best rollercoaster tracks. Use new objects and collect all green gems in each level.
Time to bring out your engineering chops cause Rollercoaster Creator 2 is here!
Get all the diamonds to get the golden star rating on each level by crafting the best roller coaster tracks people will enjoy.
How to Play: Use the mouse to draw the roller coaster tracks. There are options on the left panel as well as the bottom-left panel for regular and specialized tracks you can use on each level.

In Rollercoaster Creator game, construct the right path and play the roller coaster happily.
Rollercoaster Creator 2 is one of the most fun FreeGamesMoon.com games around! This this stick man games title you'll be drawing a rollercoaster track that the stickman can ride along. If you fail to draw a working track the rollercoaster will crash. If you draw a good track, it will make it to the end just fine! Along the way you'll need to make sure the coaster picks up gems for a high score. You can also use pre-made tracks like loops, uphills and more! What are you waiting for? Get out there and start playing stick games Rollercoaster Creator 2!

¡Selecciona una herramienta de dibujo para crear tu montaña rusa personalizada! Lleva a los visitantes hasta la línea de meta y recoge tantas gemas como puedas. Consulta la sección Cómo Jugar para ver consejos de construcción.

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