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Play Game Online MineCaves


MineCaves is a Minecraft-themed puzzle game. Collect gems and avoid hazards as you jump from wall to wall. Try to reach the exit and complete each level's quest.

Mine Caves does attract its buffs with many gripping features and cool content. Are you ready to travel with a Minecraft Ninja? Keep brave and patient, please!
The game tells of an adventure of a Ninja in a lost mine. In fact, he needs a lot of money to rebuild his shelter. It was destroyed by a big storm last night. At present, you must deal with 2 important missions. First, travel around the cave and collect all precious gems! Second, look for the way to the exit. The Mouse or Arrow/WASD keys can be used to move the Ninja. Be careful! Please watch out for any danger ahead, such as traps, bats, etc. Otherwise, your character can lose his lives soon!
What are you waiting for? Wallow in Mine Caves to fulfill the fun but challenging exploration here now. Enjoy!

Play MineCaves online Now!

Take a bit of your spare time to visit Minecaves – a maze-style puzzle game featuring Minecraft theme – all buddies! The players can discover a lot of fun things (gameplay, challenges, etc.) here, so come on! What’s the primary goal you need to fulfill? The ultimate mission is – helping Steve gather the precious gems and find the escaping entrance. Get ready? Step into a dark dungeon, and you will see different rooms and floors there. Observe everywhere carefully to make sure you don’t miss catching any valuables! Wisely control Steve to move and jump for possessing the sparkle gems. Do best to grab all the precious stones and achieve the highest points. Along the way, don’t forget to snatch the golden stars – the important element helps you unlock new worlds! Watch out all the obstacles! They are surrounding you, such as deadly bats, spikes, water, and more. Let’s set a plan to overcome the challenge here!

Let us give you new breath by inviting you all to Mine Caves – a new Minecraft-based style! The game revolves around an expedition of a Minecraft Ninja, who likes something new and weird. Let’s go!

The Ninja finally decided to unearth a lost mine. He is thirsty for an amount of loot to have his old shelter well rebuilt. To help him, just consider fulfilling the 2 in-game tasks! The first revolves around walking somewhere in the cave to assemble all sparkling gems! Then, find the exit gate to run out of the place! The Mouse or the Arrow/WASD keys are all acceptable to control the protagonist. On the spellbinding journey, it is highly advisable to dodge any danger ahead, such as traps, bats, etc. Otherwise, his lives can reduce soon!

The guy is really eager with this trip. How about you? Prove your talent by entering Mine Caves with great confidence!

The ancient mine has been lost for eons. Trapped in a pixel dimension that none could enter. None, until now, and by none-other than yourself. It is your quest in this game to explore the lost mine and to try to find all precious gems! Move about with ur special lightning speed and avoid running into the pixelated monsters that inhabit the depths.

It's a retro sliding-action-maze game thingie. Can you get through these dangerous pixelated mines alive? Will you ever get back to the non-pixelated universe you were born in? Will u become the next meal for the monsters of the Mine Caves?




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