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Robots Continue Work Sequence


Play Game Online Robots Continue Work Sequence

Robots Continue Work Sequence

Strategy game Robots continue work sequence. Strategy with the workers. Towing batteries and iron and build other buildings according to the assigned tasks.

The work for our robots goes on. Also in the second part of Robots Continue Work Sequence the robots work for us again. Therefore we have to give orders to our little helpers so that they will do the right working sequences to finish all tasks within time in each of the 30 levels.

Manage your robots and make them work indefinitely and automatically in this robot management game. Collect resources and start building in Robots Continue Work Sequence! Collect energy and metal to continue functioning properly and become prosperous.

Play Robots Continue Work Sequence online Now!

Manage your Robot Workers, resources and time in order to finish the levels as fast as possible. Play through 30 increasingly difficult levels across four different environments and try to earn a gold medal on all of them!

Robots Continue Work Sequence is a robot and resource management game where command robots as they try to become prosperous. Robots need resources like energy and metal to continue their building projects and your goal is to manage them so that they will work indefinitely and automatically with minimum manual management on your end. The game features 30 difficult levels with increasing difficulty and will span on all four different environments. Will you be able to complete all challenges and win a medal?

A continuation of the super-popular ROBOTS INITIATE WORK SEQUENCE game from year 2014. Again, you’ve landed on the beautiful planet and your job is to colonize it. Build various houses and facilities to create the space colony. Create more robots to help you with this uneasy task. See in-game tutorial for details!

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