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Shark Bait


Play Game Online Shark Bait

Shark Bait

Help your shark to stay healthy by getting him to eat as many fish, sea otters and any other sea animals you can find. Eat the required amount of sea otters on each level to advance to the next.

Enjoy 15 different levels of Shark-tastic challenge.
Instructions, hints and cheats for Shark Bait:
Use the arrows for control and the space bar to munch. Check goals for each level on the upper left hand corner.

Play Shark Bait online Now!

Play as a hungry shark and devour seals, sea lions and anything that swims you way! Use the arrows to move, Z to dash and space to bite.

This is one touch-and-feel game with serious bite! Players take turns rolling the die and racing to "feed" their bait pieces to the hungry shark. The first player to run out of pieces wins! Includes zippered plush shark, 16 sturdy bait pieces, die, and instructions for two "waves" to play.




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