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Thrill Rush


Play Game Online Thrill Rush

Thrill Rush

If you think you are the king of roller coasters and have been there and done that, think again! Take to the cart and we are sure you will have the ride of your life in our runaway roller coaster. Controls: Up=Jump, Down=Duck

There are a lot of thrilling rides n this amusement park and what you need to do is to survive them all! Use up and down keys to duck or stand up in your cart and enjoy!

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Roller Coasters aren't secure enough as known in amusement parks. In this game, a carriage breaks off from excitement train. Broken carriage will be controlled by you, as the manager of amusement park. You can play this game in "Normal" or "Extreme" (hard control) modes. Control the game with "Arrow Keys" easily. You'll use "Up-Down" keys from direction keys. You must take down the carriage from time to time, and you must jump it from time to time. The stages of the chapter will be shown on the chart below. Objective of the game is carrying the carriage to latest flag. Additionally, you can change the carriage with your earned money or add different components. All controls are in your hand.

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Hold on tight—it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

Instructions: Up = Jump Down = Lay Low Pick from Normal or Extreme Mode and try to reach the end of the rollercoaster ride in one piece! Play over and over again to collect more cash for some seriously cool upgrades...




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