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Bomb It 4


Play Game Online Bomb It 4

Bomb It 4

The version of Bomb IT 4 will certainly bring to you a relaxing and interesting period of time with this unique kind of game.

Youre the master of your own gaming experience in this better-than-ever sequel. Customize your own game controls, the game mode and difficulty, the number of players, enemies, and levels, the arena even your character and outfit! The possibilities are, in a word, endless.

Use bombs and special weapons to blow away the competition.
Destroy your opponents before they destroy you! Use ARROWS to move and SPACE to place bombs

Play Bomb It 4 online Now!

Bomberman Legend continues with 4th online game of the serie. More adventure, more action and more features are ready with the newest free game. Click "Start" button to enter the game in FreeGamesMoon.com portal. Set "Players" section as "2" selection. Define enemy number from "Enemies" section. Assign maximum chapter number that game will continue in, from "Levels" section. Choose the platform that you will battle in, from "Arena" section. And finally, define enemy difficulty degree from "Difficulty" section. Then you will select your characters and after all, game will be ready to start.

Bomb It 4 is an awesome arcade style free online game that takes after the famous Bomberman game. Destroy blocks around the level with your bombs, collect the power-ups to make your task easier then finally kill your opponents using your cunning skills an your bombs. Good luck and have fun!

A colourful, strategic game for boys which allows you to choose what style level you’d like to play, such as kill all enemies, collect coins, or colour tiles. Use the arrow keys to move your chosen character around the board, and the space button to drop bombs to knock down uniquely styled walls and kill enemies. Unlock different outfits, and advance through to more difficult levels!




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