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Super Mario Icy Tower


Play Game Online Super Mario Icy Tower

Super Mario Icy Tower

Again our brave moustached hero named Mario must free the princess from evil hands of bowser. This time Bowser has builded the giant ice tower and put Marios true love on the last floor. Play as Super Mario, Luigi, Koopa Troopa or small Goomba. Use jumping abilities and bounce from the walls to get to the last floor of evil icy tower. Make combos to generate more points and submit them to the world score table. Use your skill to jump Mario onto each platform as you keep from falling off.

A deadly Ice Tower stands before you. Where many have failed, you must succeed but do you have what it takes? Choose between Mario, Luigi, Goomba, & Koopa and choose between Coin Rush or Classic mode as you try to scale the icy walls of the tower to see just how high you can climb. Star markers will tell you of your progress as you climb upwards in this vertical runner.

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Super Mario Ice Tower is a free online game. Sure enough Mario has to rescue the princess once again. It's all the evil browser. This time the browser upgraded its stuff. It created a giant ice tower.Mario's true love is locked in on the last floor. You can choose your character to play among Super Mario, Luigi, Koopa Troopa and little Goomba. Use jumping abilities to bounce and reach the top floor of the tower. Play Mario Ice Tower!

Every fan of platform online games should know Mario. It is the main character in free games from Super Mario series. He fights with bad dragon Koopa and his army of creatures to save his beloved princess Peach and other citizens of Toadstool. Some people are bored with jumping on enemies or defeating them by throwing special fire balls on them. These people want something new, but they do not want to leave their favorite character. Fortunately, we can find many PC games with the Mario who is playing the main role. One of these classic games is Super Mario Ice Tower. It is a great connection of Mario and Icy Tower. The scenario is banal, but the gameplay is more important. This time Princess Peach was kidnapped by Koopa once again. The brave plumber Mario decides to save her. This time he will have to visit the large tower and reach the top to save his beloved princess. Before we start the game we should choose our character. We are able to choose from the two of Super Mario Brothers and their friends. We will have to do many things to reach the top. Jumping on platforms will be the most important activity. We can also use the walls to get higher and of course we should be careful not to fall down, because it will end our adventure. Of course the time counter will inform how much time we have left. We can choose the standard mode in which we have to reach the top of the tower and save the princess. Super Mario Icy Tower is also offering additional mode in which our main task is to collect as many coins as we can. This game have many advantages for its players. They can score as many points as they can with different combos, save the princess or collect as many coins as they can. The final score can be submitted online, so every player can become the best Super Mario Ice Tower player in the world. The downloading process is free, legal and very simple, so nobody will have any problems with it. Also the installation is simple. What is more, the game does not require a super computer with a lot of free space on the hard drive.

Ajude o Super Mario a subir a torre rapidamente enquanto pega moedas, pulando de plataforma em plataforma enquanto toma cuidado para não cair, já que a câmera vai se mexer e se chegar no seu personagem é "game over".
Ayuda a nuestro héroe bigotudo, Mario, a subir a la torre mientras recoges monedas para rescatar a la princesa de las garras del malvado Bowser

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