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Super Mario Star Scramble 2


Play Game Online Super Mario Star Scramble 2

Super Mario Star Scramble 2

In the second part of Super Mario Star Scramble you jump through the world with the "space bar". You walk more quickly and otherwise your job is to collect the big star and take it safely to the exit.

Mario must scramble about the map collecting all the stars in order to open the wooden exit door. The exit door is not always at the proverbial end of the level but could be anywhere really. Even at the beginning!
Must-play for all Super Mario and Nintendo games fans. Classic platform game, in which you, as Mario, must collect coins, defeat monsters and avoid sudden death from your enemies and many traps. Great graphics, funky gameplay and famous character make this game an instant hit. Go, Mario, go!

Play Super Mario Star Scramble 2 online Now!

Super Mario is scrambling with stars this time. Join Mario's adventurous trip and follow the route that is shown on the map! In each door you enter, you will embark on another adventure. You must be ready for the surprises!
Super Mario Star Scramble 2: Ghost Island is a sequel of the popular mario fan game. Collect coins, jump from platform to platform, avoid ghosts and find the exit of the ghost island. Control Mario with ARROW keys. Arrow Keys - Move. Z, Spacebar - Jump / Select. Much fun!

Mario Star Scramble 2: Ghost Island puts Mario in the midst of 10 creepy, ghost themed levels. The idea of this online game isn't to complete the level by reaching its end but instead to collect 3 stars to open the wooden door that leads to the next level. That might sound pretty difficult and you know what? It is. As you might expect, the levels get pretty tricky as all the classic free game Mario enemies make their appearance in this great flash game. Enjoy!

Super Mario está de volta em mais uma de suas famosas aventuras, só que mais uma vez ele não estará atrás de moedas, e sim de estrelas, portanto, evite todos os inimigos e pegue todas que encontrar pelo caminho para completar os estágios.

Collect coins, defeat bosses and survive new and exciting levels of this sequel to one of the famous super Mario fan game, Mario Star Scramble.

Im zweiten Teil von Super Mario Star Scramble springt ihr wieder durch die Welt mit der "Leertaste". Ihr lauft immer schnell mit und ansonsten besteht eure Aufgabe darin die großen Sterne zu sammeln um dann wieder heile zum Ausgang zu gelangen.

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