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Snail Bob 2


Play Game Online Snail Bob 2

Snail Bob 2

Snail Bob 2 is the perfect game for parents to play with kids, sussing out the solutions together and having a ton of fun through.
Help Snail Bob once again as he takes a long journey to attend his grandpa’s birthday. Make sure he survives the unholy terrain.
Snail Bob is back and this time he has to go to his grandpa's birthday. Use the objects and hints to lead Bob through the dangerous woods...
A dangerous forest stands between Snail Bob and his Grandpa's birthday party! You'll have to figure out how to get him there safely! Can he make it through?

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Objective of the game is reaching Snail Bob to "Exit" titled pipe securely. Click "Play" button from game menu to start. Use "Skip" button from the corner to jump over the intro. Game can be played with your "Mouse". You must overcome the contrivance which was created at the beginning of your journey. When you need to take a look at the map to check your position, use "Level Map" button. And whenever you want to reset each chapter use "Restart" button. Additionally, you can increase or decrease Snail Bob's speed with buttons existed at left top, "X1" and "X2". If you click onto our hero, it stops immediately. So you can protect yourself from some dangerous obstacles easily. We hope you have fun.

How to Play: Use the mouse to turn switches on, pull levers or saw some branch just for Snail Bob to get to the exit safely. Click on Bob to make him hide under his shell. Press the 2X button on the upper left if you wanna fast forward the game.




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