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Mario Forever Flash


Play Game Online Mario Forever Flash

Mario Forever Flash

Mario Forever Flash is an awesome remix of the classic platform mario games from way back when. You will find a great mix of mario enemies to overcome as well as the traditional coins and mushrooms and everything is rendered very nicely in modern day graphics and sound. All in all a great flash game and definitely worth a try.

Make your way through a series of fan-made levels based upon the original Super Mario Brothers game. Evil King Bowser captured Princess Toadstool and its up to you to save the Princess!

A Super Mario Forever játék flash változata. Egy kicsit nehezebb mint a másik marió de sokkal szebb is. Ha földet éréskor megnyomod az ellenkező irányba a gombot, akkor nem csúszik.

Play Mario Forever Flash online Now!

Mario Forever Flash is a colorful platformer game placed in the Mario universe. Evil King Bowser Koopa captured Princess Toadstool once again and it is your, Mario, duty to beat him and save Princess once and for all.

Mario the game has earned a large popularity thanks to its original scenario, sympathetic characters, interesting graphic and nice music. These days we can find many versions of this game on different platforms. All of them have the unique climate of Super Mario Bros – the first game from Mario Series that can be played on the old Nintendo consoles. One of the best remakes of Super Mario Bros is Mario Forever Game. It can be played on the computer. The flash version does not require downloading the game to play it. Thanks to this solution we can play the game after we find it in the Internet. The scenario in Flash version of Mario Forever is the same as in case of normal game and original. The evil Koopa attacked Toadstool (a peaceful country with people-mushrooms). The dark character kidnapped citizens of this country and they became slaves. The Princess Peach became one of the slaves. Brave plumber Mario decided to fight with Koopa and his army to save the Toadstool’s citizens and his beloved Princess peach. To achieve this goal he will have to run through many levels, platforms, jump on enemies, throw fireballs on them and use other bonuses that will help him to win the battle. Of course we can perform many activities and use different bonuses that are characteristic for the original game. Our plumber will have the opportunity to collect coins, use mushrooms, flowers etc. We can also find some new bonuses and enemies (except for the well-known goombas creatures and turtles). Some people are afraid of flash versions, but in this situation the online version of Mario does not loose its unique climate, interesting graphics and nice music. Players should not have problems with looking for Mario Flash in the Internet, because it is very popular on many sites associated with platform games and Mario Series. Thanks to these websites we can have a great fun online.

Nueva versión en flash de Super Mario Bros. Si eres fan de este fontanero no te pierdas la oportunidad de volver a recordar buenos momentos. Pulsa la "Z" para empezar a jugar.

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