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Tractors Power Adventure


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Tractors Power Adventure

You have a bad harvest, but everyone else seems to be happy with their harvest. What is even worst is that they laugh at you. You can't take it and you rode on your tractor with the evil idea of making everyone else miserable than you. You know that it will be too much, but that will make you happy. Their harvest livestock and everything they hold dear will now be in danger as they got you angry.
Make some chaos on your way through the village landscape, have some fun squeezing animals and crushing everything on the maximum speed. Enjoy the trip and have a nice day!

Use the arrow keys to drive the powerful tractor and press the space bar to apply brakes when needed. Speed down the tracks and crush just about everything that come on your way. I am sure you will have a nice day.

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Drive your tractor as fast as you can and don't stop till you reach the finish line. The momentum that you got from driving will make sure that nothing escape you. If your tractor is too slow then some livestock will just escape. You will unlock more tractors as you unlock new levels. Each tractor will be an improvement to their predecessors. You can interchange the tractors as you want it. The game will be harder as you progress in the game, but that will be a challenge that you need to overcome. Besides the new tractors can help you overcome those obstacles as they are much powerful than their predecessors. The game has eight levels pure of excitement.

Use the four arrow keys to control the speed as well as the movement of your farm tractor. The road is bumpy but you have to do your best to reach to your final destination.

Embark on a crazy adventure wherein you will be tasked to control a tractor. Your main objective is to reach the other side of the field without getting your machine crashed or flipped over. Tractors Power Adventure is presented to you by FreeGamesMoon.com.

No matter what tractor you will choose your task will be to have fun driving through hilly landscape near some village. Reach maximum speed so those animals will not have any chanse to run away from you. Destory the harvest, mean tricks on village people or just try to reach the end of the road. Anyway... Have fun!

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