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Bowman 2


Play Game Online Bowman 2

Bowman 2

Bowman is back and better than ever in Bowman 2! Pick up your bow and arrows and test your skills in this thrilling archery game. Do you have what it takes to defeat all of your opponents?
Shoot down your opponent with your bow and arrows using your mouse. Try to remind your previous data.

Master the art of shooting a bow and arrow with a mouse! Here's another bow shooting game you will love to play.
Click on the game 'settings' link in the main menu to alter game parameters. Please note: 'Show Index' displays the angle and power of your shot when you pull back an arrow. 'Critical Hit' doubles the damage if the shooting angle exceeds 45 degrees. 'Vitality' is the number of hits needed to kill an opponent or die.

Play vs. the computer or vs. a friend; you are an archer who must aim and fire an arrow at another archer. Use skill, each shot may be your last.

Play Bowman 2 online Now!

Bowman 2 is the continuation of the sleeper hit Bowman, which features a complex archer-style flash game. Bowman 2 game is really an excellent addition to the growing franchise and really expands upon the things that made the original so great. The concept of this free online Bowman 2 game is to aim your bow and shoot your target. Sounds simple, right? Well, in Bowman 2 you must actually become an expert archer to hit your target. You must learn patterns and be able to view complex math so that you can calculate your target´s distance at Bowman 2 and hit it with accuracy.

Bowman 2 is the new version of the great archery game. In fact it's a mixture of archery and strategy game where you have to fight against other players and prove that you are the most skillful bowman of the world. So, Do you know what it takes to conquer your enemies? Playing Bowman 2 Unblocked is really easy. Using mouse you must set the angle as well as the strength of your shot.Release the mouse right button to make a shot. There are three modes accessible Bowman 2 Unblocked, each one increasingly more difficult than the last. The training mode is an excellent tutorial for new players and beginners. In the training mode you start by learning the best way to train and shot your arrows in the right way. When you’ve mastered this, you can proceed to an advanced level – the player vs computer mode. In this mode you use all the abilities you’ve learned in the training mode to compete against the computer. Once you are feeling confident with this, you can progress to the challenging degree – the player vs player. Hope you will spend great time, playing Bowman 2 unblocked at our website.

In the Bowman 2 bow-and-arrow game, you get to shoot your opponent full of arrows — or else he’ll shoot you instead! Try to hit him with a head shot for maximum damage. In addition, you get to hunt birds and fill them full of arrows too. But watch out — if they fall on you, you might wind up with an arrow through your head.

Bowman 2 ist sehr leicht zu spielen. Du musst einfach nur die linke Maustaste gedrückt halten, um den Bogen zu spannen. Die Richtung, den Winkel und die Schusskraft bestimmst du durch das Verschieben der Maus. Um den Pfeil letztendlich abzufeuern, musst du nur noch die Maustaste loslassen. Das ist das Spielprinzip von Bow Man 2.




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