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Electricman 2


Play Game Online Electricman 2

Electricman 2

Electric Man is a charged fighting stickman ready to kick, punch and damage some robot metal. Beat your opponent with a combination of martial arts, street fighting, and super human powers.

Electricman 2 is an addicting fighting game for teens where your ultimate goal is to become the Undisputed Stickman Fighting Champion. This fast and furious game will have you hooked from the very first bout. Users battle through the Tournament of Voltagen against a host of enemies before finally coming up against the current Champion – who has still never been beaten. Do you have what it takes to overthrow the Champ?

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Throw some electric punches toward your robot opponents and send them sailing away like Styx. Use your battery life as you pull some special throws and moves to battle the bots.
The tournament of voltagen, where combat teams of varying numbers compete against each other to determine the most powerful being in the stick man universe. The current champion has never been beaten.
Any combination of martial arts, street fighting, and super human powers can be used to wipe out your opponents. Let the games begin!

Electrical man game is played by keyboard keys. After game is loaded click "New". Choose electricity man's color and level from the opened window. Write you name to top and "Enter" to start play. To skip the descriptions pres Space key. You can navigate electricity man with left-right arrow keys. To protect yourself use A,S,D or Q,W,E keys. After you finished the current round, select the next round that you want to fight in. The battery at the top show you electrity man's power. Be careful on this!




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